These are some samples of
how we have made the Web better

No matter the size of the project, we've always helped our clients by creating easy-to-use, successful and memorable products and services. And we can do the same for you.

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The members of our staff have made more than 150 projects since 2001. We’ve worked with marketing agencies, governments, educational institutions, web start-ups, internal development teams, single-person companies, e-commerce giants, global industries, and small boutiques.

  • Avatars United

    Avatars United

    PHP, MySql and JS development, OpenSocial API, WoW API, Web Services

    We developed a series of OpenSocial applications for this fast-growing Swedish social network for fans of online role-playing games.

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  • Biospas


    Website and blog design, customization and development, workshops

    BIOSPAS is a scientific research project conducted by a community of investigators from Universidad de La Plata, INTA and Conicet, among many other prestigious institutions.

    We provided them with a robust platform to manage their project and collaborate online; and an elegant website to spread their work and publish their findings.

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  • Confronte


    Usability consulting, UI design

    Confronte.com was the first successful price-comparison site in Argentina. We helped this start-up from the beginning by providing usability services for improving their innovative interface elements and communicating the advantages of the platform to customers that were new to the service.

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  • Have it Translated

    Have it Translated

    User-interface design, usability consulting

    We worked with this growing translation company to set up a collaborative tool that allows managers, editors, translators and clients to distribute, share, modify and deliver files easily, securely, and on time.

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  • avatars united


    Information architecture/Usability consulting

    We helped the founder of this TechCrunch50 project, to come up with the information architecture, UI elements and revenue model for this online dating site.

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  • MTV Latin America

    MTV Latin America

    OpenSocial API

    We made an integration between MTV's flash animation and the MySpace container for the MTV Movie Awards 2008.

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  • Natura Nós

    Natura Nós

    User-interface design, usability consulting, acceptance testing

    Together with the Odiseo team, we designed and helped building an internal social-networking platform for the employees of Natura Brasil, one of the most innovative beauty brands in the world.

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  • Natura France

    Natura France

    Usability Design/Information architecture

    We joined El Viaje de Odiseo, and a great team of providers from around the globe, to create a social network for customers, retailers, and employees of Natura in France.

    Launching in 2010.

  • omobo


    PHP, Javascript Development, OpenSocial API

    Omobo is an application that runs on any social network supporting OpenSocial, that allows users to send SMS messages to each other without having to share their cellphone numbers.

    Launching in 2010.

  • ProTrace 2.0 ERP

    ProTrace 2.0 ERP

    User-interface design, usability consulting

    We helped redesigning this collaborative intranet and ERP system for a US-based manufacturing company.

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  • Grupo de Revistas La Nación

    Revistas Grupo La Nación

    Design, development and support for online survey

    We designed and developed a series of online surveys that Grupo La Nación used to better understand the readers of its magazines and their preferences.

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  • telefónica hub

    Telefónica de Argentina

    User-interface design

    We designed the interface for Telefónica Hub, an internal social network, project management and collaboration platform.

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  • nike plus

    Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

    Ministerio del Interior, Argentina

    Design, development and support for online survey

    A group of investigators from the renowned Torcuato Di Tella University and Argentinean Ministerio de Interior (Department of the Interior), needed an efficient way to gather population and development information from city council authorities all across the country.

    We assisted them by providing a simple, yet powerful platform to send and track down invitations, collect and analize data, and generate reports.

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