about us

We're true experts in the Web 2.0 industry

We are an IT company located in Argentina. We're not a web design studio or a general software factory, but a social media-oriented company. That allows us to focus in a very specific field and become leaders in what we do.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Agustín Baretto, Social Media / App Developer

    Agustín Baretto

    IT Engineer

    Agustín is a young IT engineer (but more important, a social-networks enthusiast) who has worked for several years in the IT industry, passing through every role one could ever imagine.

    As a Developer, he was awarded a "Best OpenSocial Application" prize by Globant in 2008 and participated in many Social Apps projects, where he gained experience in PHP and Facebook and OpenSocial APIs.

    As a Business Analyst, he was able to participate in projects following Agile (SCRUM) methodologies and to get introduced into the "art of usability".

    As a Sales Consultant, he got deeply involved in the estimation and definition of several Social Networking related projects for important customers and was awarded another prize for the "Best Social Network Idea" contest.

    As a Teacher, he dictates an Advanced Web Design course at UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa).

    As a Guitar player... well, he is a very good engineer!

  • Mariano Andrés García, Usability Consultant / User Interface Designer

    Mariano Andrés García

    Usability Consultant / User Interface Designer

    Mariano fell in love with his TI-99/4A in the early 80s, and has been having fun, struggling and working with computers ever since. Anyway, he managed to obtain a degree in Advertising Art Direction and will be finishing his studies in Psychology in 2010.

    From creating animated .gifs to managing the production of huge Web 2.0 projects, he has worked in all the interface-related positions in the IT business and has a deep understanding of how to create effective, engaging and easy-to-use platforms.

    Working as a freelancer or in-house for Argentinean and American consultancy agencies, he has always focused on making the web a better place by practising and spreading the word on usability, accesibility, standards and user-centered design.

    He was one of the founders of the .com startup Confronte, one of the most prominent price-comparison sites in Latin America, recently acquired by the media giant Grupo Clarín. For a 2-year period since its creation, he designed and perfected the UI for the site and was in charge of content development.

    He is a member of the Usability Professionals' Association, and one of the founders of the local chapter for Argentina.

  • Mauro González, Tech Lead / Application Architect

    Mauro González

    Tech Lead / Application Architect

    Mauro is much more than just a pretty face... he has a solid background leading the development of web applications using open source technologies focused on social networks and social application containers like OpenSocial and Facebook.

    Throughout his many years of experience in the field, Mauro has led the development of social networks, gaming portals and complex financial applications for major companies around the globe.

    He has contributed to the OpenSource community in the development of open source plug-ins to integrate Google's FriendConnect to other open source products like Wordpress. He was also a contributor to Shindig PHP developers team, and led the development of several OpenSocial applications for important containers, where he gained a solid experience working with SOA.

    Mauro also has experience as a professor, dictating PHP5 Advanced programming training courses.